Yoga For Beginners


So, you have noticed that Yoga is all the rage these days – but have you wondered why it has become so popular, so fast?

Maybe it’s the latest fitness ‘fad’? No – Yoga has been around about 5000 years and has been across North America for over half a century. It’s not a passing fad.

All over the world Yoga has been found to be very effective at:
Improving flexibility, strength, muscle tone, and balance.
Stopping depression and reducing anxiety.
Aiding weight loss.

Perhaps you are living a lifestyle which is a bit ‘sedentary’. You want to get fit and be healthier, but getting into and staying in a workout program, or changing your lifestyle to a fitness-centered one hasn’t worked for you. You are not alone.

1095252_66519409Yoga is like a great ‘cheat’. It gives you many of the benefits of workouts without straining yourself, pushing yourself to the limits, or making big changes to your lifestyle or schedule.

Yoga is also completely non-competitive. You are not measured against anyone and you always practice at your own rate and ability.

Yet it’s normally a group activity – and that makes it easier to get motivated to do it regularly. Or you can practice Yoga on your own, and there are many ways to help you do this (DVDs, websites, etc.).

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Another great thing about yoga is that it’s relatively cheap. Classes are relatively inexpensive and the equipment is just a yoga mat.

It can be done anywhere – school, office, workplace lunchroom, beach, mountain trail, etc. I’ve even done it on the top of a ship during a gorgeous tropical sunrise!

And Yoga is truly universal. It’s basically the same everywhere in the world, and dropping in on yoga classes in faraway places is common and truly wonderful.

People do Yoga early in the morning, during their lunch break, after work, after dinner, evening, late at night, weekends, on vacations, on business trips, etc.


1.) Book an “Explore Yoga” Individual Session.


2.) Come to a class