Geoff Falconar, Yoga Teacher & Coach

“Bring Yoga Into Your Life With Ease & Confidence”


“Namaste” is one of the first Yoga words you’ll learn. It basically means ‘the light in me honours the light in you’. I honour you for taking the initiative to explore something that can benefit you in so many ways.

I am passionate about helping people make Yoga part of their lives. I can help by teaching the basics, leading you through ongoing practice, or coaching you individually to find the right yoga style and design your personal yoga practice.

Yoga truly is for everyone. It is 100% non-competitive – everybody does yoga to their own abilities regardless of body type, physical condition, injuries, or special needs. Yoga practitioners are aged 3 to 120, they are IronMan athletes and paraplegics, pregnant women and grandfathers, etc. You can do yoga. I intend to practice yoga for the rest of my life.

When I started Yoga, my back was so stiff I could barely put my socks on. (many years sitting at a computer can do that to you). My very first Yoga class left me feeling the most pain free and flexible I had been in years! Yoga is turning my life around and I want to help bring its many benefits to others.


I am qualified to teach most types of Yoga in the ‘Hatha’ group of styles. This is basically the ‘regular’ kinds of Yoga that most people take, whether it’s in a normal environment or in a ‘hot’ studio.

My key strength is introducing Yoga to people who know nothing about it – explaining the little things typically ‘glossed over’ and working with individuals to fit the right kind of yoga to their needs and abilities. My goal is to help people feel comfortable and confident from their very first Yoga session.

Women at health club.

Yoga is also much more than just a physical exercise – from excellent relief of stress to becoming a calmer and more ‘enlightened’ feeling person, the opportunities for improving your health, mindfulness, happiness, and spirituality are endless. I can introduce you to the other disciplines of Yoga, which you can explore at your own pace and in your own way.

“Alive And Aligned” is the business name I operate under. I don’t have aspirations of building a Yoga empire, and I’m certainly not in it for the money (I have a great ‘day job’ for that) – I just love teaching Yoga and helping improve people’s lives.


Yoga Alliance Registered RYT200

Yoga Association of Alberta Full Member

  • Professional liability for yoga teaching.