Men’s Beginner Yoga

Male mammals have an instinct to not look weak or stupid around females, which is why many men interested in yoga are uncomfortable trying a yoga class.
Learn Yoga in a small, private group of men; starting with the very basics. No chanting or crazy contortions.

Men's Beginner YogaPerhaps your work and/or lifestyle may be taking its toll on you. Either not enough activity has you out of shape, or maybe being highly physical is causing problems. This will not cure itself and time only makes it worse.

Hatha is the modern, general style of yoga suitable for everyone. It is updated with modern anatomical knowledge to make this a safe and physically beneficial ‘therapy’ for your body. It is focused on movement and breathing, not the spiritual or ritual practices.

We’ll start off with the absolute basics – what to wear, what to bring, where to set up your mat how to start in a class. We’ll walk you step-by-step through the common types of Yoga classes, explaining what’s going on and how to participate.

You will learn the fundamental ‘asanas’ – these are the movements and ‘poses’ of Yoga that are common to most yoga styles.

We’ll explore the common styles of Yoga and help you find one that suits you best.

There are several other aspects of Yoga that you should know something about so that you are not caught by surprise if these come up in a yoga class or conversation. You will get a clear, basic description of each and, where feasible, get a demonstration or sample. These include:

  • Pranayama (breathing techniques)
  • Ayurveda: Natural medicines, diets, and health techniques, mainly from India.
  • Chakras: The ‘energy centres’ in your body.
  • Oms: What, why, how, and when people go “Ohhhmmmmm”.
  • Chants and Intonations: What are they, why.
  • Meditation: Basic understanding of it.
  • Spirituality: Basics explained.

At the end of this program, you will:

  • Know how to do common Yoga properly and safely.
  • Be able to go to almost any Yoga class with confidence and comfort.
  • Be able to select a Yoga style and studio that suits you.
  • Feel physically much better with increased flexibility, strength, and balance.
  • Know how to lift yourself out of a bad mood in 2 minutes or less (seriously!).

Yoga mats available for rent $1/class, or bring your own. Mats available for purchase $25 – $40.


Q: Do I have to be flexible?
A: No. That’s why you would learn yoga – to start to get some flexibility. Flexibility? Start here!

Q: Will I be doing things that will hurt?
A: Absolutely not. Yoga is done to each individual’s abilities. You are instructed not to push to the point of strain or pain (that’s the ‘secret’ to yoga!).

Q: Will I have to do difficult contortions or stand on my head?
A: No. As this is a beginner level class, we do not do advanced/difficult moves, binds, or inversions (and nobody should try these until they are an advanced yoga student!).

Q: What sort of men have taken this course?
A: All ages from teens to seniors, practicing triathletes & men totally out of shape.

Q: I’ve never done yoga and know nothing about it. Will this be OK?
A: That is exactly what this is for.

Q: What if I can’t keep up with the others?
A: That’s a non-issue in yoga. Yoga is 100% non-competitive. You are taught how to participate to your own unique ability.

Q: What if I want to do Yoga somewhere else after this course?
A: That’s awesome! This course is specifically designed to enable you to attend almost any yoga class, not be surprised by anything that happens, and choose what type of yoga and which studio(s) best fit your needs.  Of course, you’ll also be welcome at our classes!

6 1-hour classes
Usually 2 classes per week (i.e. Tues & Thurs Eves, or Thurs eves and Sun mornings)
$85 (Money back satisfaction guarantee)

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